Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mon River Trail

Point Marion, Pa to Fairmont, WV. 42 miles of riding and bike-a-hike for 4:15 hrs.

Much easier than yesterday for sure. So we spent the night in this way to nice hotel last night because there was just nothing available but the crack house motel back in Point Marion. So it was the Hilton Gardens in Morgantown. Nice place and Judy got to R&R once again so she’s much much better.
         Got going at a very leisurely 11 AM today, that so I could take advantage of the good wifi and the nice atmosphere to work in. Then we went downtown and got on the Mon River Trail and worked backwards to where I stopped yesterday in Point Marion. Judy did her first ride in a week and did pretty well. We rode together for about 5 miles and then I went back on the ATV track for 2 miles into Point Marion. It was WAY better in condition that the track I took yesterday from Bunker Hill Rd to Point Marion. Piece of cake actually. Now I rode out on the 5-mile section of asphalt to the PA-WV line, and then on the return, going south, I reverted to berm, and by and large it wasn’t half as bad as what I did yesterday. Now there were a few berm sections that were on like on a 20-30-degree angled slope, so I felt as though I was riding on a gravel or cobbled velodrome! And the looks that I got from people riding on the asphalt – priceless!!
         Made it back to meet up with Judy down on the waterfront in the downtown of Morgantown, and this is really a cool place right on the Monongahela River – thus the Mon River Trail. Today a concert and street vendor’s fair was going on so we took in the sights for a quickie. I bike-a-hiked this section only because there were too many people to do the berm thing. Then we loaded Judy up in the Van and I had her drive about 20 miles down the trail to the end point in Fairmont, WV. I only had about ½ mile more of asphalt and then the trail reverted back to gravel again. So my next 20-mile section was free and clear where I could do 13-16 mph. Now this section of trail is very similar to the Rail Trail out in PA at the Pine Creek gorge, along a river and quite secluded.
         This was some great, relaxing riding after yesterday’s ass kicking that I got. There were times when I’d only see a person every 15 min to half hr. Made it to Fairmont in great time. Slammed a coke. Oh, first of all, with reference to the coke and as a side note here, I have to thank my Summa Wellness Institute gang for their amazing generosity. My fitness class gave Judy and I so much stuff I think it will last us the entire trip. I mean it was crazy. I had to wheel out everything to my van that day back in Ohio. We have bar, cokes, treats, Subway card, you name it they gave it to us. So anyway, Judy handed me a coke and it was one from the case that Joyce and Nancy gave to us, and each coke had a little motivational saying on it from the ladies. On behalf of both Judy and I, we really love you guys and thanks so much for everything. I think of you guys often.
         So that ice cold coke was just so wonderful, and then I had to negociate 2.5 more miles of paved trail to the end of this particular trail system. What I decided to do was to ride berm to the end and then return on asphalt. And again, this was like riding on an earthen veledrome, where the sides sloped off the trail at about 20-30 degrees. I’m getting pretty darned good at this, and may just do some racing on the new Clev Velodrome! Hardest part of that gig was riding the gravel RR ballast through this 1000 ft long tunnel with asphalt running down the middle. I hit my bars on the wall a couple of times and washed the front wheel a couple of times, but I made it unscathed. I’ll tell you what, this bike has already taken a beating, and we’re only 3 states in.
         Rode back on asphalt to Judy and we drove to our camp site – the Prickett’s Creek Campground. Now this place is as tiny as a pinhead. Really. Just a small circle and about 8 5th wheels and that’s it. The people who own the place still haven’t shown up and it’s nearly 6:30 PM. I was told that sometimes they never even show up for the night, so we’ll so what’s the deal. Cost is only 17 bucks with electric. Just had a great dinner of pork chops and some Chinese green beans cooked on the grill. We’ll listen once again to the NBA game in hopes of cheering Labonehead on to a loss. Well, time to sign out and enjoy an ice cold beer on this hot WV evening. 

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